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Name: Christina
Age: 16
Location:Orange, New Jersey
Sex: Female
Status: Single :)

Bands: Death cab for cutie, Metric, American Hi-Fi, The Streets, White Stripes, Franz Ferdinand, Marcy Playground, Maroon 5,
Movies: Superstar, 10 Things I Hate About You, mean girls, the ring, Harry Potter, Lord of the rings, Donnie Darko, Drive me Crazy, Sixteen Candles, and the Breakfast Club.
Actor: Adam Sandler
Actress: Angelina Jolie
Colors:pink, sea green, and turquoise
TV Shows: Unfabulous, Zoey 101, The OC, One Tree Hill, Everwood, Gilmore girls, and Smallville
Books:Pride and Prejudice, The Louise Rennison Collection, White Oleander, Beowulf, and Macbeth.
food: chicken, pizza, Pasta, Bacon and Eggs, Pancakes, cupcakes. there is a lot more...but I can't think of them all lol

Make us laugh:
this made me laugh and go awww...i hope it makes you laugh lol :)
How did you find us?:only4ureyes_xo
Say something random: its cloudy outside
Promote to at least 2 places, and show links:
What activities do you enjoy?:i enjoy shopping, partying, drawing, graphic designing(im not good though), writing, playing volleyball, and swimming
Why should we pick you?: because im nice, laid back, sweet and cool, whether im hot or not!

At least 4 pictures of yourself (one should be 100x100 for info page):

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