Chelsey (angelkissed478) wrote in xhott_or_notx,

Application: xoxo

Name: ChelseY
Location: Milford MA
Sex: yes please..jkjk Female
Status: single & crushing

Bands:Blink-182, GC, MCR,TBS,NFG
Movies: Goonies, Stand by me, the sandlot, now and then, a walk to remember and the notebook
Actor: Shane West
Actress: Resse Witherspoon
Colors: Orange and Black
TV Shows: ne thing on VH1
Books: a walk to remember How to be a heiress by Paris Hilton and the lovely bones
food: any junk food and Mashed Potatoes and gravyy

Make us laugh: Ashley Holman
How did you find us?: umm u
Say something random: Inkle Dinkle Tinkle do
Promote to at least 2 places, and show links: nope don¡¯t wanna lol
What activities do you enjoy?: Guitar and Acting and Singing
Why should we pick you?: cuz u love me!

At least 4 pictures of yourself (one should be 100x100 for info page): (lily)

[IMG] (lily & me)

[IMG][/IMG] (me)
[IMG][/IMG]( me after the play)

[IMG][/IMG]( me and Ian from NFG)
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